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It's That Time Again

I took a small vacation from writing (*cough* 6 years *cough* but who's counting?)There are two and a half months left in 2020 -- praise the Lord -- and once I get my garden put to bed for the winter I will finish up my 6th novel. I started this story at the same time the Covid 19 quarantine began. Coincidence? I think not. I alternated between writing and crocheting dish cloths to avoid losing my mind. I can now make a dishcloth in one evening.

In full disclosure the quarantine part wasn't a hardship since I'm a hermit anyway, but not seeing family and growing grandbabies is tough. This has been a very strange year.

I originally set this novel in a suburb somewhere southwest of the capital city of Canada -- a.k.a. where I live -- but somehow I ended up in Halifax again. That's when the story really took off. I always know when something is off with my stories: I choose cleaning toilets over writing because I can't seem to move forward. This is also known as 'writer's block'. When I figure out which element has to be fixed with the plot, setting or characters, the words flow again and my toilets don't.

I briefly considered writing the story during a world wide pandemic, but then decided if I was living through a pandemic, which I am, I wouldn't want my mystery fiction to reflect it. I would rather escape into a fantasy world where you don't need to social distance or wear a mask. Like the way the world used to be. *Sigh*

Hope you all stay safe.

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