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The Thin Mask Line

During this pandemic I have followed all the health advisories, kept my distance and worn a mask out in public. To avoid losing my mind last winter I unearthed my mother's old knitting needles and made mittens, hats, blankets, wash cloths and sweaters for friends and family. I played computer games: Farmville 2 and Diggy's Adventure, the latter a game where you send Diggy, a little miner, out into an imaginary world to smash tiles and open boxes of treasure. It passes the time and helps me escape from the sometimes frustrating, and always frightening reality of Covid.

This morning I opened up my Diggy game and was greeted with this message: "Thanks for your feedback. We now offer you a masked version of Diggy. Stay safe!"

I'm know I'm suffering from cabin fever, but this masked version of Diggy stepped on my last nerve.

What corporate hack working at Pixel Federation, the owners of Diggy, thinks this is a good idea? I play Diggy's Adventure to forget about the pandemic. To forget about the fact that I can't travel south this winter to escape the cold, that I haven't seen some friends for months, that some family members are suffering because their kidney transplant was put on hold, that my neighbour's mother passed away in her nursing home far too soon.

I have always believed in small government. Stay out of my house, I can make my own rules as long as I'm obeying the law. Stay out of my bedroom, I can love who I want to because I'm a consenting adult.

Stay out of my computer game, Pixel Federation. My subscription makes you a ton of money. Diggy isn't a real person. He's a fictional character in a pretend universe, where there is no pandemic. He isn't going to get Covid. He doesn't need to wear a mask. The fact that I have to point this out is crazy.

I know I don't have to use the masked version of Diggy, it's my choice. Why get so upset about it?

Because I don't want masks to infiltrate our culture. I want an end to this pandemic. I don't want Covid normalized. That's scarier than the disease itself.

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