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There's an Aesop fable about two mouse cousins. One lives in the city, and one lives in the country.


I'm those two cousins blended together. I was born in the city of Montreal and raised there. But I spent every summer at our country cottage in Cape Breton.


I was equally at home roller skating along the busy sidewalks of Notre Dame de Grace as I was hiking along the rocky shores of Mira Bay collecting shells. I thought everyone lived in polar opposite places.  

That trend has continued through the years -- moving back and forth between Nova Scotia and Quebec. Now I'm settled in Ottawa but the emotional pull of Cape Breton, the land of my relatives, has never left me.

Now my characters are insisting on living in the Maritimes too, so I've done what they've asked. 

If you loved Nancy Drew as a kid and enjoy stories about the relationships we navigate everyday woven around a central mystery, give my books a try. 

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