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I grew up in Montreal, Canada, the youngest daughter of a writer/publisher and a kindergarten teacher. The walls of my father's study were lined with books and smelled of pipe tobacco. My mother bought my sister and me the very latest children's books for Christmas and birthdays. It's no wonder I loved books and their stories. 


Fast forward several decades, and my lifelong passion for reading evolved into writing, which has been described as "quirky, witty, light-hearted, dark, eccentric, mysterious, and funny." 


One of my readers called my books: "Very entertaining, like an adult Nancy Drew." 


In most of my books you'll find references to my favorite fictional sleuth, Nancy Drew. My heroines aspire to be smart, cool, and brave like she is.  Except they don't have rich, doting lawyer fathers, kind housekeepers, sportscars or quarterback boyfriends. They live in a world of student loan debt, wacky parents, second-hand cars and bad relationships. But they always overcome adversity, solve the mystery and earn their happy ending ;)


I love to hear from readers, as long as you don't stalk me, send me spam or hate mail. If you like my books, post a review on Amazon and I'll love you forever.


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