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From Away



Three women at a crossroads … and one shared secret.


On a summer night in Cape Breton, July 1981, three teenage girls gather to make a solemn promise -- they will never reveal to anyone the trauma they've just been witness to.


Thirty-three years later, the friends find themselves together again on the verge of turning fifty.


When a local woman goes missing and is found dead, old suspicions resurface to test the newly rekindled friendship and threaten a decades old promise. Can the women trust their past while confronting their future?

A Few Dead Men 



The men in Darcy MacDonald’s life are disappearing. Is it fate, misfortune or foul play?


Life has dealt part-time mystery novelist Darcy MacDonald a lousy hand. The men she knows are either missing, dead, drunk or demented.


Lying next to the corpse of her boyfriend, the head of Bloodhound Investigations in Halifax, definitely qualifies as lousy since he’s the man who also issues her paychecks.


The doctor says her boss had a massive heart attack during an orgasm, and it wasn’t Darcy’s fault. But she can’t help feeling guilty, since his orgasms were her responsibility.


Or so she believed, until his grieving widow shows up, along with a mysterious, punk rocker chick who weeps inconsolably at the funeral and claims he was murdered.


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