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The Haunting of Hayley

A woman with no future, a man with a past and a house full of secrets.


Hayley Carmichael has lost everything … can her sanity be far behind?


She has no mother, no job, and no home, so Hayley follows her newly acquired fiancé, Brody, to his hometown. Brody’s not there, but his family is.


There’s Drake, Brody’s sullen twin, identical to his brother minus a little hair; his unhappy wife Meredith, whose marriage is sinking fast; and Eleanor Northwood, Brody’s mother, an eccentric old woman with a big heart and an agenda to match, who invites Hayley to stay at her beautiful inn, Plenty O’ Peace.


But peace isn’t so plentiful when Hayley discovers the house may be haunted and Eleanor’s step-nephew, Jordan, is getting under her skin.


The Good the Bad and the Hair

Hannah Hailstone just found a man in the back seat of her car—semi-conscious and bleeding, but at least he has a pulse. Her father, a James Bond wannabe with a penchant for gambling, has disappeared. And there’s a man in a pink Cadillac tailing her hippy artist mother. Hannah’s plans to re-read her Nancy Drew Mysteries—the vintage, hard cover collection—have changed. Now she’s got a real mystery on her hands.


Robbed, beaten and on the run from thugs, Cooper West is down on his luck. Somebody just tap-danced on his face and stole his precious motorcycle. Now he’s a drifter whose wings have been clipped, so he’s got a reason to stay in town a while. And he just found another one. Hannah’s funky hair and her talent for swan diving into hot water make a fascinating combination.


Someone is out to get Cooper, and Hannah’s a sucker for strays. But when his bad luck tangles with her bad hair, it jump-starts a bumpy ride through the tunnel of love.


Gone Groom Gone




Callie Shaw has come home to Deception Bay to stamp out some fires. Her cheating father just left town. Her starry-eyed sister is on the verge of marrying a virtual stranger, and there's something strange about the cemetery gardener Mitch Brooker—he doesn't  know a daisy from a doorknob.


As a  Private Investigator, telling lies works for Mitch—he can keep everyone happy, avoid disapproval and earn a living at the same time. Masquerading as a groundskeeper at a cemetery gives him an opportunity to discover who's behind a coffin-switching crime ring that stole a million dollars from his client, a wealthy coffin manufacturer. But when a little harmless flirting with Callie, his prime suspect's sister-in-law, evolves into a serious relationship, things get complicated, and Mitch discovers…


The truth is what's left over when you run out of lies


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