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Nancy Drew Convention 2017


What the heck is a Nancy Drew Convention? Our mission is to walk in Nancy Drew's footsteps each year. We select a theme book -- one of the classic 56 hardcover Nancy Drew books printed from 1930 - 1979 as well as the newer paperback versions. We visit actual book settings, and we do things that Nancy Drew and her chums did in the books. Eat great food, tour around cities and towns, go on ghost tours, solve mysteries and oh yes -- hunt for books to add to our collections!

I have been a member of Nancy Drew Sleuths for 5 years, and have attended 3 previous conventions: Gold Canyon, Arizona 2012 (based on The Secret of Shadow Ranch) Boston, Massachusetts 2013 (The Secret of the Wooden Lady) and San Diego, California 2014 (The Clue in the Diary).

Happy to say I'm attending this year's convention on October 12 - 14, 2017 in Ogunquit, Maine, based on The Mystery of the Tolling Bell. ! can't wait!

For more information on these amazing, fun conventions, visit the Nancy Drew Sleuths Convention webpage.

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