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The Nancy Drew Connection

For those curious about the Nancy Drew inspiration behind my books, here are more details:

My books are Nancy Drews for adults. The heroines are Nancy Drew wannabes without the luck, poise or self confidence of our own dear sleuth. Think Stephanie Plum meets Nancy Drew.

Gone Groom Gone - My first novel is the only one that isn't ND inspired, and is loosely based on one of my favorite movies, "Charade", starring Audrey Heburn and Cary Grant. If you haven't seen this movie, it's well worth it, even though it was filmed back in 1963. This story has the perfect mix of character chemistry, suspense, comedy and romance that makes it one of the best films of all time.

The Good The Bad & The Hair - Heroine Hannah Hailstone is the proud owner of an enviable collection of Nancy Drew Mysteries, but her plans to reread the adventures of her favorite sleuth fall through when she discovers an unconscious stranger in the back of her car. Now she's got a real mystery on her hands!

The Haunting of Hayley - With over 450 years of history, America's oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida, is the perfect setting for this mystery about a haunted, titian-haired heroine and the haunted house she is visiting. It's October, and St. Augustine just happens to be hosting a Nancy Drew Convention when Hayley lands in town. Nancy Drew fans will recognize many aspects of one of my favorite ND books, The Hidden Staircase.

A Few Dead Men - Heroine Darcy is trying to figure out the perfect weapon for a murder she is about to commit ... on paper. She's writing a mystery novel about a sleuth named Nanette Dickson .... hmmm. Are Nanette's adventures autobiographical? Darcy's love of mysteries started with The Secret of the Old Clock, the first in her mother's dog-eared but well loved collection of Nancy Drew books. But when Darcy's boss suddenly dies and her ex-love disappears, she's beginning to think she's the cause.

From Away - The story of three women on the verge of turning 50, childhood friends with a secret they have never told anyone. A dusty collection of Nancy Drew books found in a cottage will give one of these heroines an important clue that will change the course of the future. Includes a reference from The Clue of the Leaning Chimney.

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